Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday at Tamworth

Today was quite a bit hotter than yesterday . . . starting to feel like real Tamworth weather, and the week is only going to get hotter!

Pray for us that we get the rest that we need, so that we can survive the days.  It is now about 10pm, and is has cooled down considerably, so it looks like we will be able to sleep tonight, which is great.

The morning started out with John and Dan heading down to the tent to start the PA for the morning session, whilst the band worked out what they were going to do for the days sessions.


Morning Practise session


How does that go again?

After that was sorted, it was time to head to Bruce and Pam’s for lunch and then onto the afternoon in the tent.


Bruce O’Hara singing with Strange Country.


Dave Knight does a great talk with his sketch board as part of the Strange Country and Friends set, during the afternoon and evening sessions.

Some creative photos taken during the afternoon session.

I am typing this up as I sit and listen to Terry Darmody singing with Strange Country. The weather is cooler. The tent has a nice smattering of people wandering in and out, and enjoying the music, and the gospel that is being shared with them as they sit and listen.

Talk to you again tomorrow :)

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