Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tamworth – Day Two

OK . . . so you haven’t heard about Day One yet, and if the truth be known, it is really Day Three!!

Anyway . . . It is Day Two of work!  And I’ll show you a little of Day One whilst I am at it!

So, yesterday, we had the chance to chill a little after the long drive up on Sunday.  Then, in the afternoon we set up at the Southside Uniting Church for a concert that evening.

Here are just a couple of photos from Monday night . . .

Monday_0022-web Monday_0085-web

The Sound Desk . . .                            Shadows . . .


Strange Country . . .


It is always a fun night.

Now, today . . .

We start early today, as we have to get the PA al set up before the first act comes on at 11am . . . so Breaky at 7am and out the door by 8am.  When everybody helps, it is pretty quick to set up, then John and Dan did the final sorting out and fine tuning. It is really great to have Dan here to help (he does get to play too . . . I think he is off having a swim now!)

So, we have done one set with Strange Country, and I have been listening to some great music here in the Scripture Union Tent.

Here are some Strange Country photos from this afternoon . . . click on the link to view the album.

Well, until later.

Time for me to go for a walk and check out some of the stalls before we start again this evening . . . John even has a break for an hour or so!!

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