Monday, January 4, 2010

Streamlining my life . . .

or maybe complicating it!!

I have not written on this blog for a long, long time, but I have decided to reactivate it again!
I have a number of blogs . . . for scrapbooking, photography, knitting and designing.  I decided I needed somewhere just to talk about stuff!!

Here it is . . . the Happenings in MY Life, and lets face it . . . the story does begin at home.
So, if you are interested in what my family and I are up to, or just want to see what is inside my head . . . and gets out sometimes, join me here.  It may be daily, it may be weekly, who knows when I'll write, but if I do, you can read it!

How to get more out of a day?
I couldn't sleep last night, my head was buzzing . . . it does that sometimes!!
As I lay there trying to quieten the noise, I had to listen to what was going on!  I think I have come up with a way to get more out of my day!!

Are you a time waster?  Not a morning person?  Well, this is me, but it is time to take my life under control and stop sleeping it away, and make the hours I am up useful.  I have come up with a plan!!
I figured if I wrote it down, you could check it I am sticking to it . . . or at least trying it!!

I work shift work, so some of the things need to be adjusted for those early mornings, and days at work, but here goes . . .

My Plan . . .
  • Go to bed at a reasonable hour  - this means in bed by 11pm (and earlier if I have to be up early for work)
  • Get up at a regulart time everyday - this means up by 8am (again, it will be 5.30am on the days that I work)
  • Spend that first hour having breakfast, coffee and reading my bible - this seems to be something that has gone by the wayside lately and I need to bring it back to the forefront of my life. If there is time I could check my emails, but I think that is better done later, otherwise I get caught there!
  • Be showered and dressed by 9am (on the days that I am home) and do a general tidy up of the house - if I spend an hour or so on the days I am home, then I should be able to keep on top of this.  This should also make it easier for my cleaner (if she still needs the work) to get around and clean efficiently.
  • So, by about 10am, I should be just about free to do whatever I feel like!!
  • Turn off the TV - this is such a time waster, and I can spend hours just wasting a good day outside; same goes for limiting the time on the computer . . . although this gets hard as I use it for photography and scrapbooking!!
Things that I want to do, for ME, on the days I am home . . .
  • Photography -  read, learn and try out new things in photography to improve my skills and the photos that I take.  I would even like to do a course if I can find a local one that is not too expensive.
  • Scrapbooking - both paper and digital scrapbooking.  This kinda goes hand in hand with the photography, and wanting to preserve some of our family's history.
  • Other PaperCrafts - this includes cardmaking, off the page things, and anything else that I can sit at my craft table and dream up.  I also need to make up ideas for the LSS that I work in
  • Ride my Horses - it is silly having them if I am not working them, and I really enjoy it when I get out on them.  We also have one that needs to be broken in, so that will take some time too.
  • Spend time doing stuff with John - we both like to ride, go our for dinner, and I am sure we would enjoy going to the movies together. Time to get off our butts and just do it . . . not like we need a babysitter anymore.
  • Blogging - I am enjoying getting back into this, and would like to try and keep it up . . . we'll see how we go!!
OK . . . I am sure there is lots more things I could add to this list.  But if I keep typing, I won't be able to get started on the list.  So . . . off to clean up the house, but away the Christmas tree, and hopefully get started on some of the "play" stuff this afternoon!!

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